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Get Grant Funding For Your Nonprofit

Sustain & Advance Your Mission!

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Why Ovation Funding SOLUTIONS?


Grant Writing

Dramatically improve your chances of winning an award


Identify grants that your organization is most qualified to win

Technical Assistance

Support for everything from grant proposal reviews to sustainability assistance

Grant Funding Opportunities ARE Available for YOU!


Over 900 federal grant programs are offered by 26 different grant-making agencies.

There are over 86,000 grantmaking entities in the U.S., with 92% represented by independent foundations.

It may take upwards of 20 hours to complete one foundation grant funding proposal.

The top 3 challenges to grant seeking are 1) lack of time and/or staff, 2) competition, and 3) difficulty finding grant opportunities.

A strategic and consistent grant funding program is the best course of action for securing grant funding.

Get Started Now!

Let's Talk

Tell me about your nonprofit

Make a Plan

Research, Identify, and Pursue funding

Get Funded!

Enjoy success and financial stability

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Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm Laura Green.

I got my start working in nonprofits as a volunteer candy striper at my local hospital, and I believe in the value of volunteerism.  People often ask me why I'm a grant writer because if you've ever put a grant proposal together you know it's tedious and usually takes more time than you anticipate. Well, I don't know why I love what I do, but I do. It even baffles me. I was the executive director of a nonprofit for several years before starting my business, and I have years of experience in the trenches with my nonprofit colleagues.

As a nonprofit, you do what it takes to advance your mission, and that means working A LOT.


Let me take the grant writing burden off your hands. Together, we will establish a strategic grant writing program.

I love my job! Let's talk.

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"Securing grant funding for a nonprofit can be a daunting and overwhelming task. I am so thankful to be able to turn to Laura of Ovation Funding Solutions and get the timely expertise necessary.


Laura has been ready to sit and listen and give as much input as needed.

Probably one of the most helpful things she has done for our organization has been to guide us through organizing the requirements for individual grants.


Laura is a great coach and has been an invaluable asset to our organization."

A. Farlow, Lydia’s Place

Why Hire A Professional Grant Writer?

Hiring a freelance grant writer is an excellent option for organizations needing a grant writer but not ready to hire a full or part-time employee.


A freelance grant writer can provide dedicated service to clients interested in applying for single or multiple grant applications.


The advantages of contracting a Certified Grant Writer® rather than hiring an employee include:

  • no fringe benefits to pay

  • no office space or supplies to provide

  • no time off or lack of productive time

  • the highest level of ethical and professional standards - I will never take a percentage of your award!

What does it cost to not use me?

Time and money when your staff...

  • Struggle through grant proposals

  • Submit disjointed proposals that continually fail to win awards

  • Miss important proposal deadlines

  • Don't have the experience and knowledge of the application system

What Does CGW certification mean for you?

Professional values and code of ethics:

  • Put philanthropic mission above personal gain;
  • Affirm, through personal giving, a commitment to philanthropy;

  • Improve my professional knowledge and skills so my performance will better serve others;

  • Practice my profession with the absolute obligation to safeguard the public trust;

  • Value privacy and freedom of choice;

  • Foster cultural diversity and pluralistic values, and treat all people with dignity and respect;

  • Avoid even the appearance of any inpropriety or professional misconduct;

  • Bring credit to the profession by my demeanor;

  • Act according to the highest standards and visions of the organization, and profession, and conscience; and be mindful of the codes of ethics of other professional organizations that serve philanthropy.

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Download your FREE Logic Model Instructions and Worksheet.

Contact Me

I love learning about the many unique nonprofits in our community. If I can help you in some way then we'll figure that out together. I can't wait to hear from you! 

Laura Green

(404) 275-2666

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